COVID-19 Epidemic: Impact on Business and HR Policies in Malaysia (MY)

In January 2020, the Chinese government acknowledged that a new virus, first reported in the city of Wuhan, was spreading from human to human. Since that time, coronavirus - officially called COVID-19 has spread over hundred countries, and hundred thousands of people. 

To aid organizations in their decision making during the coronavirus epidemic, Aon conducted a pulse survey among organizations in Malaysia to understand the potential impact of the disease and actions taken by organizations to mitigate repercussions on employees and business operations. The survey was conducted from February 26th to March 6th, 2020. 

At the survey launch, the number of cases reported in Malaysia was less than 30 confirmed cases. In less than two weeks - as this report is being published, the number of cases has increased significantly to more than 150 confirmed cases and Malaysia has officially entered into the second wave of coronavirus outbreak. Organizations in Malaysia are getting concerned over the situation; more and more questions and queries arise among the senior management teams, HR practitioners and employees. 

The coronavirus outbreak is still increasing rapidly, and in many cases, plans for business travel and resuming work activities are still under constant evaluation. We recommend organizations continue to develop and amend their approach in accordance to the latest central and local government requirements, while also recognizing that these official policies are always subject to change as the situation continues to develop. 

Governments worldwide have taken steps, including travel restrictions, in hopes of containing the spread of the virus and avoiding a global pandemic. As the epidemic continue to grow at its current pace, it is highly likely to affect the workplace - we have already seen this happening at corporate offices in Klang Valley. Such infectious disease outbreak can have a significant impact on productivity, increase stress among the workforce, affect business continuity and even increase business liability - especially among organizations without adequate communicable-illness policies and response plans. 

This report summarizes the pulse survey findings on how organizations in Malaysia manage the pandemic. 

To learn more, download the full report above. 

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